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Learn tips and strategies to increase your credit score fast.

Feb 20

Pay History

The last 24 months matter the most

Oct 10

The Slight Edge

One simple strategy repeated over time can change your credit

Jul 25

Debt Limit

As our Federal government debates debt...

Jul 04


1776 to 2011.....time for a credit revolution

Mar 21

Did You Know?

I spoke Saturday in Ft. Wayne and some questions were interesting.

Feb 28


Living Intentionally For Excellence

Feb 21

Types of Accounts

Credit scoring is about 5 factors, one of which is "types of accounts"

Feb 15

Consumer Spending

American consumers have now completed three straight months of more consumer debt!

Dec 12

Credit Card Balances

I allowed my Mastercard to go over the 30% balance ratio just to see what happened to my score!

Dec 01

Types of Accounts

The scoring system grades each of us on 5 factors. One of those is our types of accounts

Nov 21

What I'm Hearing

More seem to be "just short" of the credit score they need for the loan.

Nov 11

Financial Folly

My new book: FINANCIAL FOLLY. Seven Smart Financial Decisions that Lower Your Credit Score is now available.

Nov 01

Real Wealth Weekly

The Real Wealth Weekly radio/internet program talks credit scores with Dan Ridenour

Oct 21

Business Credit

Interesting credit survey results from small business

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