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Owner / Founder of CBF Institute

Dan provides “Do Credit Right” solutions for people through books, DVDs, seminars, personal coaching, and more.

He has personally reviewed more than 14,000 consumer and business credit bureau files.

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What do others think about Dan's strategies?

After reading this book, I learned several things I had recently done that have a negative impact on my credit score. I wish I had read this book 6 months ago. The information is priceless.

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Learn tips and strategies to increase your credit score fast.

Feb 20

Pay History

The last 24 months matter the most

Jan 16

Credit Card Balances

Lower balances means higher scores

Nov 07


What are you thankful for?

Oct 17

It's a Marathon

Just keep running

Oct 10

The Slight Edge

One simple strategy repeated over time can change your credit

Oct 03

The "8 F's"

Personal Development

Dan's Books

Improve your credit score. Invest in your future.

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