What do others say about Dan and his work?

You might think credit scoring is simple: pay your bills, don't over extend high credit. Right. I thought so too until I read Dan's unbelievable book, FINANCIAL FOLLY. Buy it TODAY! Robby Slaughter
Business Owner
After reading this book, I learned several things I had recently done that have a negative impact on my credit score. I wish I had read this book 6 months ago. The information is priceless. M. Galenski
Account Manager
Loved this, learned a lot! Took a lot of notes which I will take home and put into effect. I wish I had this class in my 20's. Seminar Attendee
113th Credit Congress, Orlando, FL
I own a large number of rental properties. Dan showed me some ways to increase my already good credit score and it worked. The information he provided will save me thousands of dollars in interest over just the next few years. B. Ames
Real Estate Investor
Very enlightening session. A must for convention attendees! Seminar Attendee
113th Credit Congress, Orlando, FL
I was amazed by the information and how potentially simple it would be to improve a credit score. This information is something everyone needs to be aware of if they desire to improve their credit score. J. Breneman
Graduate Student
Absolutely Excellent Seminar! I need to teach this to my small accounts. Seminar Attendee
113th Credit Congress, Orlando, FL
Everyone should take this class! It should be on the ticket every year!! It needs to be a longer session. We didn't have enough time. Seminar Attendee
113th Credit Congress, Orlando, FL
Dan has shared his strategies at my homebuyer seminars. He has helped many of my clients increase their credit scores, which resulted in better rates. Utilizing his methods has allowed me to HELP my clients. R. Murphy

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