The "8 F's"

Personal Development

Those who know me well are certainly aware of my love of reading and attending seminars. I have always defined myself in one way as a "big time reader". For the last 16 years in a row, I have read 52 or more books per year. Yes that's a book a week. The books I choose are often written on Attitude, Communication Skills, Investing, Sales, Business Strategies, Biographies, Financial, and Leadership topics.

Starting November 1st, 2011 I will be adding some LIFE development products to my offerings for my coaching clients. Included in these topics will be Books, CDs, DVDs, and Seminars on the "8 F's"

The "8 F's" are: Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, Following, Friends, Fun, and Freedom

Be looking for these additional offerings on this website in the next than 30 days.

Have a great week!

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