Four Trends

Four trends in this world today

I was reading a book entitled, "Commerce Thru Community" by Chris Brady this weekend. There were several items of interest to me as I see more and more people losing jobs due to technology, consolidations, and other economy issues.

One of the chapters in the book discussed four trends:

  1. The internet: we all know the power of connecting to each other thru the internet. Of comparing prices, news, getting movie times, buying tickets to the game of being able to Bing or Google information, maps, people, etc. The internet has changed everything in our world.

  2. The second area was Intellectual Distribution. In fact this ease of information has allowed people, businesses, politicians, terrorists and nearly everyone who wants to, to have the ability to share or distribute information. That's intellectual distribution. In fact, this has really leveled the playing field with people all across the globe. Someone in South Korea has access to information by someone in the USA as does a person in Russia, India, Brazil, and so on. Information is flowing and the playing field is more level than ever before.

  3. Wellness Industry. The baby boomers are all those people born from 1946 to 1964. We have one thing in common.....we want to live forever and stay young while doing it. The wellness industry is a $300 billion dollar industry and is growing to $1 trillion according to economists. I would say that's a trend.

  4. Home Based Business. More people than ever before are moving toward home based work and businesses. No commute means saving time. No office means less expense by the company. Technology allows us to have meeting online, conference calls, email reports, spreadsheets, and most anything you can imagine...from home. In fact, both my wife and I work from home.

So ask what you are doing now in one of these four trends? Am I investing in companies that focus on these trends?

Just think about it.

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