Living Intentionally For Excellence

I am a little off the "credit" topic this week but felt strongly about this concept. My purpose in life is to touch everyone in a positive way. Most of the time, I help people with credit and/or budget issues. I have coached hundreds of clients over the years and thousands have either heard me speak or read one of my books. I hope that they were each able to learn a concept or strategy to increase their score and ultimately improve their life.

But what is life? Recently, I came across a leadership development group that uses LIFE as Living Intentionally For Excellence. Their purpose is to build leaders. I really enjoyed learning about what they do. Finding out how they help people live for excellence was and is an enriching process for me. This group helps people become small business owners believing that often, until someone takes responsibility for themselves, nothing will change in their life. They will not be leaders. Interesting.

They believe that business ownership is an important component to becoming a leader. Until your decisions are your own, until you have no one to blame....the leader will often not be developed fully.

I wonder in what ways I can improve a credit score or budget for someone when they may or may not believe that they are responsible. Do they feel that the choices they make have an impact? Are they engaged in the process? Are they engaged and feeling responsible for their results?

Many of my clients have seen a dramatic increase in their credit scores after working with me. I wonder if the methods I taught them have been continued over the years. Are they still getting results or did they drift back to the old associations and old behaviors? I wonder.............

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