Quitters, Campers, and Climbers

Borrowed from Orrin Woodward

I was reading today and came across a blog on Quitters, Campers, and Climbers...thought I would share some of the interesting aspects of it.

Quitters see the mountain with its jagged cliffs, threatening storms and endless paths as dangerous, deciding to pass on the climb entirely, avoiding the PDCA process rather than risk failure. But through denying their God-given urge to climb they make major compromises in their life. Quitters are typically people who entertain themselves to death...they keep themselves busy doing mindless activities in order not to confront the mountain. Regrettably, they suffer the worst pain of all-the pain of regret- for a life spent in a service to self, not others.

Campers, on the other hand, start climbing the mountain through using the PDCA process. They are excited about the opportunities present on the mountainside, beginning life's climb enthusiastically. However, at some point, through a combination of success already achieved and the pain associated with further climbing, they cease...,compromising their ideals, and selling out their courage for the comfort of the camp. They may achieve a nice mountain view, but their best days are behind them, surrendering their future for doing "pretty good". They are no longer willing to pay the price...fooling themselves that a good lifestyle is more important than their purpose.

Lastly is the group of Climbers. These are people who refuse to compromise their calling and convictions deciding to press on with their PDCA processes as far as they can go no matter how painful the climb. Climbers are a rare breed since they understand that life isn't about obtaining the best spot in the camp or gathering the most items into the tent. Life is about purpose; becoming who he was intended to be, not necessarily through reaching the top, but through the constant effort to improve. A true climber battles his mountain, and in the process, he conquers himself.

Each person must make his own decision while staring at life's mountain. Will he quit, camp, or climb?

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