Money Back Guarantee

My 1-year Credit Coaching Plan comes with many features.

My 1-year credit coaching plan comes with many features. Initially, we will discuss your goals, review your credit and get comfortable. Next I prepare a Credit Action Plan. This plan will discuss the five credit scoring factors and describe where your particular credit file impacts those five factors...both positive and negative.

The plan will end with the Steps you should take in order to increase your credit score in a time frame to meet your goals.

Next, I forward the Credit Action Plan to you and we will discuss the 5 factors and action steps in detail. The one year coaching plan also includes 12 monthly contacts so that we can discuss your progress with the steps, answer questions you or I may have, and provide encouragement to move to the next step.

  • 1-year Coaching plan clients also receive a book for self study.
  • 1-year Coaching plan clients also receive an audio program for self study.
  • 1-year Coaching plan clients receive a video program available exclusively to 1-year clients.
  • 1-year Coaching plan clients have access to me for email questions for 1 year.
  • 1-year Coaching plan clients also receive a 100% money back guarantee. If after 1-year of credit coaching you are not satisfied, simply return the book, audio and video for a full refund.

No score coaching. That's the way to go!

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