1776 to 2011.....time for a credit revolution

I have been celebrating the 4th of July as I often do....watching some revolutionary war/ founding fathers history on television. What these men, some in their 30's and 40's is really quite remarkable. They had everything to lose by challenging the British. Fortunes, families, businesses and even their very lives were at risk. They were considered traitors by the British. The REWARD however was freedom from tyranny, freedom from no choice, and freedom to spend their money how they wanted to.

Well, let's consider a credit revolution. The credit cards, the banks, and the mortgage lenders are all to happy for us to continue to use credit to buy items that we cannot afford to pay cash for. Trading our future (due to interest payments) for our present day.

Pay off your credit cards. Pay off your car loans. Pay off your student loans. And finally pay off your mortgages. Be totally debt free. Taste FREEDOM.

REVOLUTION from credit.

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