Client Credit Score Increases

Many clients have increased credit scores when they follow strategies

The credit scoring system is flawed in my opinion. Too little influence to the credit score is placed on pay history and far too much on factors that have nothing to do with how well someone pays their bills. Over the last eight or nine years, I have been determined to educate the consumer on what impacts the credit score....both in a positive way and in a negative way.

Too often consumers take actions which make perfect financial sense. Only to find out later that their credit score has dropped unexpectedly. And sometimes that drop can be quite dramatic and cost the consumer higher rates or premiums. The information that I discuss on this site can provide consumers with enough information on credit scoring principles to give them a fair chance with credit.

Fortunately, anyone who truly wishes to protect or increase their credit score can do so and accomplish it in a relatively quick time frame. The consumers must begin using methods that influence credit scores…in a positive way. Most people who put into practice some of my suggestions will experience credit score increases in less than sixty days. Here are some of the credit score increases that have occurred recently by consumers using my information:

  • Mary (+90 points) in 46 days.
  • Joe (+59 points) in 43 days.
  • Sherry (+43 points) in 38 days.
  • George (+67 points) in 60 days.
  • Sam (+27 points) in 19 days.

These are only a few of the increases that can be achieved by knowledge and application. Please consider visiting my products section so that you too can increase your credit score and help your family's financial picture.

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