Financial Regs!

Financial Regulations will mean what exactly?

The laws are ever changing. What can someone expect as of now when it comes to credit scores.

  1. Laws from 2003 require that each consumer can receive a free credit report every year. Since there are three credit agencies that means you can get three free reports per year. Here's how. January go to and pull the Experian free report. In May, go to the same website but pull the Trans Union free report. In September, pull the Equifax free report. You get all three reports every year and because you spread the reports out over the are more protected from errors and fraud.

  2. Since January 1, 2011 lenders must provide either a notice that compares the higher rates charged to a lower credit score....or.....send all applicants a copy of their credit scores. This is good because it lets us know our scores without paying for them.

  3. Starting July 21, 2011 lenders are required to provide borrowers with a free credit score whenever they're turned down for a loan or charged a higher rate than the best rate available. This "adverse action" requirement will also extend to landlords, utilities and other entities that use credit scores.

I see all of this as a big positive because people will be receiving their credit scores for free. And people may consequently become more interested in the why, how, which, etc. of the credit scoring system.

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