Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I finished the newest book by Robert Kiyosaki this weekend

Not that this has much to do with credit scoring, but this weekend I read the newest book by Robert Kiyosaki the best-selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "Cash Flow Quadrant". I had read Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2004 some seven years after he wrote the bestseller. This new book is entitled "The Business of the 21st Century". For my blog this week I am going to share a few thoughts from the book.

Robert Kiyosaki writes:

"when I decide to learn something new- for example, investing in real estate-I still allow myself five years to learn the process. Many people invest once, lose a few dollars, and then quit. They quit after their first mistake, which is why they fail to learn. But losing is part of the process of winning. It's only losers who think that winners never lose, who think that mistakes must be avoided at all costs. Mistakes are priceless opportunities to learn essential lessons. Today, I still give myself five years to make as many mistakes as possible. i do this because i know that the more mistakes i make and learn from the smarter I will become. If I make no mistakes for five years, then I am no smarter than I was five years ago- just five years older."

Seems like good wisdom to me. Dan

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