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Saving hundreds on food and meals

I have a friend who mentioned to me last Friday (4/1/11) that he had challenged his partner to see who could save the most money using coupons during a three month period. They started January 2011 and finished the challenge on March 31, 2011. The results were quite impressive.

Paul was able to save $662 in the three months and he is single with no kids. Dan was able to save $911 using coupons for his family. I thought that the numbers were quite extraordinary. If you annualized these savings we come up with $2648 and $3644. No small feat at all.

This little contest, with nothing more than bragging rights between the two, saved literally thousands of dollars in those two households. Money that would have gone into someone else's pocket instead remained in their own pockets.

Consider what you and I could accomplish if we were to:

  1. Set a goal to spend less without changing our lifestyle.
  2. Tried something different than what we have always done.
  3. Tracked our results to increase the learning potential.
  4. Shared our improvements with others.
  5. Encouraged others to do #1 thru #5.

The end results would most likely be astounding!

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